78 years of real estate experience and innovation.

Since 1946, Ayrshire Corporation has devoted its energies to creating a broad spectrum of real estate projects singularly responsive to market needs.

Its first venture -the Ayrshire subdivision in Houston – established both the firm’s name and its reputation for foresight and sound financial planning. Since then, Ayrshire has managed the development of more than 35,000 acres in residential mixed-use communities and has built more than 12 million square feet of office, retail and hotel space in metropolitan centers.

In the process, the firm has established longstanding relationships with leading lenders, developers, and corporate owners across the country – relationships that can be sustained only through performance.

Ayrshire projects are developed whenever opportunity and market demand inter-sect, with recent activities concentrated in New York, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles. Because value is determined by the marketplace itself, the firm is continually looking ahead, anticipating emerging needs and developing properties to meet them.

Ayrshire’s response is always carefully considered, the financial impact thoroughly analyzed. In every significant undertaking, an alliance with a major institutional or financial partner ensures that the firm’s developmental expertise is complemented by the strong financial framework so essential to long-range project stability and investment success.

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